Recent Success


Teresa Monterey, 29 – Sent her documents on the 18th of November 2015, her work was inspiring and extraordinary – leaving Stajevic fascinated with her positiveness and determination to help those around her. “I’M HERE” was the app Teresa designed to provide an ear to those struggling with Bulimia, Anxiety, suicidal thoughts and depression. Tony Stajevic helped Teresa on the 1st of December by investing $30,000 into her dream of helping people all over the world. Since the creation of the app suicidal rates have decreased by 11%, it now has over 2 million followers worldwide and has generated income of $215,000 in the past eight months.


Kylie Hollering, 28 – Approached ÜNICO on the 10th of January 2016. Her portfolio contained the creation of a 12-hour lasting lipstick range. The idea was put on hold and furthered investigated by Maggie who saw potential in the idea. Maggie ended up investing $70,000 into the new product, after her investigation including online surveys and votes at campaign events concluded that 10 women out of 10 stated that they would pay extra to buy a lipstick if it lasted longer. Ms Kylie is now the Founder of ‘Beauty Bible Cosmetics’ generating over $380,000 in income since early February.


Dominic Jones, 34 –  Was a Real estate agent with dreams of opening his own construction company. Jones had a strong network but insufficient capital to commence his own business. Therefore, he approached ÜNICO with an outstanding portfolio demonstrating his passion and charisma for the property industry.  In mid-2015 Dominic Jones and investor Robert McDonald teamed up, Dominic investing $105,000 and Robert $200,000. They managed to build “Nova Construction” in Southern Queensland, which quickly expanded throughout Australia. The company has had great success generating over $1,260,000 in the past 12 months. hey have continued working together and are doing extremely well.