Below is a brief overview of our Investors Careers, goals and Aspirations. For more information contact us.


Robert McDonald – Is a property developer with over 11 years experience. He is the Founder of Extravaganza Developers and owns over 40 properties in Australia. Roberts investing interests lay on Real estate, Construction, Architecture and Technological advances.

Top 5 Skills: Negotiation, Management, Sales, Communication and Investing. 


Janet Kass – Has been a Plastic Surgeon at the St Vincent Hospital for 30 years. Her career has always revolved around science and the health of others. To continue her passion to help others, she is aspiring to invest in the Real Estate and Property Development industry in Australia.

Top 5 Skills: Communication, Leadership, Strategising, Investing and Negotiating.


Samuel Dominic – Is an entrepreneur with specialisations in Finance and accounting. He resigned as an accountant and has worked from home for 8 years. He seeks to invest in shipping containers and auctioned items but is open to unique ideas of interest.

Top 5 Skills: Finance, Accounting, Negotiating, Communication and Investing.


Tony Stajevic – Is an Australian Technology Entrepreneur. In late 2009 Tony Stajevic resigned as chief Technology officer for IK Networks and moved to Queensland to work with Google as a technical program Manager. He has 33 years experience in his field of work. His interest for investing revolves around IT, Hardware & Software.

Top 5 Skills: Communication, IT, Management, Technology and Investing.


Maggie Smith – Is the founder of Magnifique Cosmetics France. She expanded her business when she moved to Australia in 2003, it has been a success ever since. Her interests revolve around the fashion specifically, cosmetic and ageing creams. She seeks to invest in new improved products and clothing ideas.

Top 5 Skills: Communication, Management, Product quality, Customer service and Investing.