Inventing a Lollipop That Cures Hiccups

Mallory Kievman is the 13 year old girl who created the cure for hiccups. She suffered from the condition two years prior and put her knowledge to the test, in the hopes of helping others suffering from the condition. Read more.

Inventing Something That Will Save the World’s Oceans

Boyan Slat has invented a device that he claims could clean up some 20 billion tons of plastic waste from the world’s oceans through a series of floating booms and processing platforms, helping save the waste materials for recycling without harming fish and plankton. Watch video.


Creating a Sensor for Patients with Dementia

Kenneth Shinozuka, a fifteen-year-old New Yorker, won a $50,000 science prize for the Scientific American Science in Action Award for developing wearable sensors that send mobile alerts when a dementia patient begins to wander away from bed. Using coin-sized wireless sensors, his invention are worn on the feet of the patient. The sensors detect pressure caused when the person stands up and triggers an audible alert on a caregiver’s smartphone through an app. Watch video. 

Creating a Pacifier with Built-In Thermometer

Anthony Halmon of Chicago was only a freshman at Cornell University when he made a name for himself after creating a pacifier that can also be a thermometer. His creation, the Thermofier, is described as an improvement on existing models available in the market. Read more. 

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-Donna Lopez Rodriguez